HydroMARK Breast Biopsy Marker

Long-Term Ultrasound Visibility

  • Hydrates to provide unmatched long-term visibility
    Ultrasound visible even after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
  • Easily seen under MRI
    Uniquely distinguishable during a T2 sequence
  • A more visible target for your localization preference
    Provides a more comfortable localization procedure for your patient
  • Three unique HydroMARK Clip shapes available


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Mammotome provides a wide variety of breast markers available for Stereotactic, Ultrasound and MRI-guided procedures, compatible with both Mammotome biopsy devices as well as other biopsy devices available on the market today. See below for more options.

MammoMARK Tissue Marker


  • Expands rapidly by 300% reducing likelihood of movement when releasing breast compression
    Increased surface area provides ease of Ultrasound visibility at time of deployment
  • Absorbs fluid
    Assists in fluid management by quickly absorbing surrounding fluid


MammoSTAR Tissue Marker


  • Provides an essential, non-metal option
    • Comprised of all natural minerals, Carbon Coated Zirconium Oxide
    • Chosen for biocompatibility
  • Suspended in Beta Glucan:
    • Polysaccharide simple sugar
    • Not derived from animal


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